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California Water Atlas


The Forces of Nature Celebrates the Wilderness Act’s 50th Anniversary

Each of us has our own perspective about wilderness. This quote by Wallace Stegner stands out as I consider the … Continue reading

Rebels with a CauseREBELS WITH A CAUSE: Featuring
RRI Founder,
Huey Johnson.


Rebels with a Cause
We have been blessed with insightful leaders who have dedicated their lives to supporting Earth's natural productivity. These visionaries accomplished landmark conservation victories. But their opponents have been consistently more powerful,
and remain so today.

This lineage of leaders guides Resource Renewal Institute's three decades of work.
We may be less well known, but we are no less committed. Resource Renewal
Institute takes ideas of relevance, gives them legs and lets them loose.

I invite you to join us.

Huey D. Johnson
President and Founder

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