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  Explore Council of Elders

The Forces of Nature and Council of Elders Projects
RRI believes that sharing the wisdom of the first wave of the environmental movement—citizen activists, resource managers, and professionals from the 1960s and 70s— is valuable to current and future generations. RRI’s goal is to record over 250 interviews with these “environmental elders” from around the country and world and to post them on an online library along with the interview transcripts and archival information. With a number of our Elders, the stories are not preserved anywhere else but for our video library, making our project an important oral history, as well educational, collection. Learn more...

  Explore Water Heritage Trust

Fish In The Fields
FIF adapts the ancient practice of co-cultivating rice and fish in some of California's 500,000 acres of rice lands. RRI has, over six years, rigorously tested methods for co-cultivating small fish in flooded rice fields. RRI has shown that fish raised in rice fields living on naturally-occurring plankton that are present in rice irrigation water can grow 4-5 times their weight in several months. This year the project has brought its hatchery into full production, and expanded onto a second rice field location with four new ponds for growing fish. RRI has assembled a strong and diverse team of farm managers, aquaculture professionals, conservationists, and rice growers in a successful partnership that has demonstrated its ability for successful collaboration. Learn more...

The New California Water Atlas
Using official records, the Resource Renewal Institute has developed the New California Water Atlas, ca.statewater.org, to shed light on the state’s most beleaguered natural resource. The New California Water Atlas is a free, online, searchable database offering real time information about the state of the state’s water. Learn more...

  Explore Defense of Place
Defense of Place
Defense of Place helps communities protect parks, wildlife refuges, and open space in perpetuity. Complimenting the acquisition work of land trusts, Defense of Place advocates for the long-term management of legacy landscapes.
Learn more...
  Explore Green Plans
Green Plans
Green Plans are policy templates for sustainability. Pioneered by the Netherlands and New Zealand, Green Plans have evolved over twenty years as the most comprehensive environmental policy in the world. Most important, Green Plans' long-term structure and documented success make them the best tool to manage climate change. Learn more...
  Explore Climate Resilience Project
Extreme Weather Community Resilience Project
Climate, weather and community resilience are all changing. RRI's Extreme Weather Community Resilience Project explores how those changes are affecting American communities in its blog, Field Notes. Mitigation and adaptation to changes in both weather and climate have always been part of the human experience. Choosing not to adapt is not an option. Learn more...
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